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Solar Car Chassis

I am a Platinum sponsor of and an multi-year adviser to the University of Toronto Engineering team for their solar car entry into the World Solar Challenge. In this competition, international teams design, build, and race their solar cars race from Darwin to Adelaide. As adviser, I analyze their 3D model and advise them on composite mold requirements to ensure the aerobody and chassis is durable, functional and maintains aerodynamic design. I also resolve and troubleshoot potential issues I identify in manufacturing a complex design. Each year is a new and exciting challenge for the team and the University of Toronto and it is always a fantastic opportunity to use my creativity and problem solving skills to support them and cheer them on. Go Blue Sky!

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge has welcomed the greatest minds from around the world to Australia to push the limits of technological innovation for over 30 years. The ultimate synergy between nature and motion. As the world's toughest and most prestigious solar car event, the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge provides teams the opportunity to design and build a vehicle to operate along a 3,000 kilometer outback route from Darwin to Adelaide powered only by the energy of the sun.  For more information:

Fiberglass Interiors

Fiberglass Unlimited Inc. is experienced and knowledgable about custom-made fiberglass interiors.


Whether for a restaurant, bar, ship, theatre room or decorative wall in a public space we will custom-make your interior to your specifications and design style.


Call and speak to Jeff about your fiberglass fabrication project ideas.


Fiberglass Unlimited Inc. Custom Dock


by QuickDocks

QuickDocks is our subsidiary company that manufactures fiberglass docks custom-made for every cottage or lake home.

As a cottage owner, I understand the need for a solid, durable, maintenance-free dock that can remain in place year round.

We design and manufacture to suit all property types.

Fiberglass Unlimited Inc. Floating Dock
Contact us to discuss your project
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