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My name is Jeff Gatland, owner of Fiberglass Unlimited Inc. I'm originally from New Zealand but have called Canada my home for the past 30 years. My experience working in a variety of industries, including Aviation - Marine - Transportation, has provided me the opportunity to develop a wide range of industrial skills and techniques. Utilizing these skills, I established my company, Fiberglass Unlimited Inc. in 2005.

I bring my creative, drafting, computer and design talents as well as my technical skills and years of experience to every project. We offer a complete fiberglass fabricator service from initial design to production and delivery. We also offer computer controlled routering creating 3D products from any design.

Since the launch of my company, we have done many different projects from producing thousands of a production part to one-off projects including mobility vehicle door kits, manhole covers, and bar and restaurant interiors. The processes we utilize depend on your product needs and can be anything from Hand glass, Chopper gun, Vacuum bagging or RTM. We are up for any project big or small.  

Some of the more interesting fiberglass fabrication projects we have created are an 8ft sphere for York University, the complete interior for a restaurant in NY city, a hard top for a 355 Ferrari, and fiberglass cottage docks.

Jeff Gatland
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