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Fiberglass: The Smart Choice

Material comparison and the outstanding advantages of fiberglass 
fabrication when compared to aluminum and wood
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Strength & Durability

  • Fiberglass is stronger than sheet metal having a much lower weight to strength ratio. For the same strength, fiberglass has 1/7 the weight of steel and weighs 50% less than aluminum.

  • Fiberglass is corrosion-resistant. Fiberglass will not rust.

  • Fiberglass is fire resistant. Fire retardant resins ensure products do not burn only char.

  • Fiberglass is waterproof. 

  • Fiberglass has minimal expansion and contraction in heat, cold, and when under stress.

  • Fiberglass is excellent at resisting environmental damage caused by corrosive salt or chemicals.


  • Fiberglass is non-conductive and transparent to radio frequencies.

  • Fiberglass absorbs sound waves in noisy environments.

  • Fiberglass offers unlimited design choices, a wide variety of finishes, and the ability to combine elements cost effectively.

  • Fiberglass has low thermal conductivity which makes it an effective insulator. Fiberglass’ thermal conductivity is 800 times less than aluminum. Low thermal expansion maintains structural integrity and minimizes warping. fiberglass offers 89% better insulation than aluminum (fiberglass U-factor is 0.2 – 0.3 compared to aluminum thermally broken of U-factor1.0).

  • Assembly is easy to complete using standard tools with no need for welding or cutting torches.

Cost Efficiency

  • ​Fiberglass is lighter than steel which lowers shipping and storage costs.

  • Fiberglass requires no maintenance.

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