Fiberglass was made for

summer at the lake

Fiberglass Unlimited Inc. Custom Dock

Custom Made

by QuickDocks

QuickDocks is our subsidiary company that manufactures fiberglass docks custom-made for every cottage or lake home.

As a cottage owner, I understand the need for a solid, durable, maintenance-free dock that can remain in place year round.

We design, manufacture & install

Fiberglass Unlimited Inc. Floating Dock

Custom Fiberglass Interiors

Fiberglass Unlimited Inc. is experienced and knowledgable about custom-made fiberglass interiors.


Whether for a restaurant, bar, ship, theatre room or decorative wall in a public space we will custom-make your interior to your specifications and design style.


Call and speak to Jeff about your fiberglass fabrication project ideas



For All Your Trailer Needs

Custom-Made Trailer

Custom Trailers

Fiberglass makes an ideal trailer as it's strong, durable, weather resistant and lightweight.

We can make any size and shape trailer custom-made to your needs and specifications.

Personalize your trailer with any colour or finish of your choosing.

Custom-Made Trailers

Tell Us Your Project Ideas

Floating Picnic Table

How about a floating picnic table?

If you can imagine it, we can create it.

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